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Professional Tree Trimming & Removal



Obtain professional tree trimming and removal services by the specialists at Clark's Tree Service. We are highly trained and skilled to handle dangerous ladders and chainsaws, and to provide residential and commercial tree services to homeowners, churches, builders, and business owners.

We Offer: 

• Tree Trimming (Any Tree, Any Size)
• Dead/Diseased Tree Removal

•Tree Removal
• Tree Shaping
• Power Line Clearance

• Cabling and Bracing

• Lot Clearing


Tree Trimming 

Ensure your property looks its best by keeping your trees trimmed and neat. You need a knowledgeable professional so that the job is done right. Poorly done trimming can leave trees misshaped and spread disease, causing the need of tree removal. When the job is done, we will leave your lawn/property clean and clear of all debris.

Tree Removal

Having a dead or diseased tree on your property could be dangerous. That is why our experts are readily available to provide you with tree removal services. We have all the necessary equipment to get the job done, no matter the type of tree or its size.


Additionally, trees growing near power lines can be potentially dangerous. Tree's near power lines should either be removed or trimmed regularly to keep the branches from growing into the power lines. 

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